RO Water Purifier Filters

Reverse osmosis filtration adopts a multi-stage cleaning process to clear water out of dissolved minerals. The filters usually use a multiple carbon activated particle process to remove the dissolved impurities. Apart from this filter can have multiple membranes of small pores in which the size of the pores keeps on decreasing with the membrane which […]

Mineral Cartridges makes water tasty and healthy

Water Pollution! A big threat to the whole world and experts are working really hard to find an effective solution for this problem. Government is also taking initiative to make this world free from water pollution.  Public awareness is important among people so that they are aware of the negative effects of water pollution. Consumption […]

Why it is important to take AMC of your RO Water Purifier?

Similar to your vehicle, your Domestic RO water purifier also needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly. If you ignore the routine tune-ups and maintenance services, you could find yourself looking at major repair replacement costs down the road. A comprehensive maintenance agreement for your Commercial RO Supplier will help you prevent these costly repairs. […]

Top 10 reasons for not using RO Water Purifiers

  In order to have a safe and healthy living, installing a Water Purifier in your home is an urgent need of the hour. There are various types of Water Purifier System prevalent in the market out of which people prefer the one that suits their need the best. RO Water Purifier System is a […]

Convert your RO to RO, UV with TDS controller

Increasing environmental pollution and spread of knowledge about the potential harm that can be caused by the same has necessitated the need for water purifiers at home. As it is a known fact that, water is the essence of life, it is important to drink pure and clean water. Most of the disease causing bacteria […]

Quick Guide to Maintenance of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are an indispensable part of modern kitchens as they provide pure and mineral rich water that is beneficial for the health of family members at home and staff at office. Similar to all other electro-mechanical machines, water purifiers too need periodic servicing and replacement of performance parts in order to ensure the best […]