Increasing environmental pollution and spread of knowledge about the potential harm that can be caused by the same has necessitated the need for water purifiers at home. As it is a known fact that, water is the essence of life, it is important to drink pure and clean water. Most of the disease causing bacteria and germs get their way into human bodies through water. Water purifiers at home ensure that the drinking water is not only pure but also healthy.

RO Water Purifiers

Evolution of technology has seen development of many water purifiers which are available in the markets to suit different budgets. However, the inception of the RO water purifiers in the market can be marked as a significant beginning to a new era of water purifying technologies. RO which stands for Reverse Osmosis was a technique used for making the sea water drinkable for the marine forces. Having such an advanced technology at home surely is a great comfort.

Time to move beyond RO

RO purification was considered to be the best method until the launch of RO+UV Water Purifiers which until now are the best water purifiers because of the distinct benefits provided by the same. Every coin has two sides. RO purification indeed cleanses the drinking water off all the pollutants which can cause harm to the people drinking the water. But, at the same time the RO water purification deprives the water off its essential minerals which are needed to make the water healthy for the consumers. Hence, the experts recommend replacing RO Water Purifiers with the RO+UV Water Purifiers. The advantages of doing so are mentioned below.

  • Minerals are essential

RO water purifiers remove the essential minerals from water making it pure but not healthy. RO+UV Water Purifiers with TDS controllers not only allow the retention of minerals but also empower the consumers to regulate the quantity of minerals as they are added during the last stage of purification.

  • Alkaline water is needed not acidic

Several laboratory reports concluded that the water supplied by RO Water Purifiers is slightly acidic in nature and thus can cause harm to the human bodies which need alkaline water which is provided by the RO+UV Water Purifiers with TDS controllers.

  • Micro and Nano Pollutants no longer ignored

Micro pollutants which cannot be removed by man-made filters can now be eliminated by exposing the water to Ultra Violet rays of the sun which disinfect the water off many micro and Nano pollutants.

  • Technology for the future

Ultra Violet rays of the sun are capable of destroying all microbes which may be harmful for the consumers of the purified water. With the passage of time and development of technology new diseases and harmful bacteria are being discovered which travel through water channels and enter human bodies. But natural neutralizers like the UV rays ensure that such microbes do not come in contact with the consumers’ drinking water which is purified using RO+UV Water Purifiers with TDS controllers. Hence, these water purifiers are future proof.




Convert your RO to RO, UV with TDS controller

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