Reverse osmosis filtration adopts a multi-stage cleaning process to clear water out of dissolved minerals. The filters usually use a multiple carbon activated particle process to remove the dissolved impurities. Apart from this filter can have multiple membranes of small pores in which the size of the pores keeps on decreasing with the membrane which enables a filter to remove microorganisms and add taste to the water.

Sediment Filter

Heathy Sediment Inline

A sediment filter acts like a membrane. They remove heavy substances from the water like dust and dirt and another type of impurities usually mixed with water. Consist of 5-micron absolute filter for 99.9% clear water

Granular – Activated Carbon Filter

Ooze Carbon Block CTO Filter 10 inch

Granular activated carbon is generally used to absorb chemicals and microbes and also add to taste and synthetic minerals to waters.

Post Carbon Filter

Post carbon filtering is used after activated carbon filter to remove left out impurities. The post carbon filters absorb chlorine, lead and other sediments. It also adds taste to the water.

UF filter


Ultra filteration is the process by which water is forced to pass through membranes of micropores and also known as microfication this water is clear from microbes and smaller particulate impurities.

UV Sterilizer

UV Lamp

These type of purification uses ultraviolet lamps which emit ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, germs, microbes and cysts mixed in water. This simple purification can alone remove 99% of the hazardous components present in water. UV filters are recommended for purification of water that has biological impurities.


CSM Membrane 80 gpd

it is a simple sieve but with very small pores through which when water passes it looses all the mixed in dirt, dust and particulate matter. It alone can make water about 90% clear and free from impurities.

Bio+AAA filter

Bio+AAA Mineral Cartridge

They are a sort of a ceramic alkaline filters generally placed after post purification to add an extra layer of protection it’s effective against chlorine and E. coli bacteria.

RO Water Purifier Filters

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