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In order to have a safe and healthy living, installing a Water Purifier in your home is an urgent need of the hour. There are various types of Water Purifier System prevalent in the market out of which people prefer the one that suits their need the best.

RO Water Purifier System is a widely accepted method of Water Purification System. It definitely makes the water free of contaminants and gives you safe and healthy drinking water. But like it’s said everything has both pros and cons, so is the case with RO water purifiers.

This Water Purifier Service is easily available in the market as there are varied RO Suppliers physical and even online. You can opt for both Domestic RO as well as Commercial RO service.

Swift RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier uses the concept of Reverse Osmosis (RO) for purifying water. The water to be treated is passed through a semi-permeable membrane and hence the larger particles that contaminate the water are treated and removed. A majority of the people have a notion that this method of water purification is the best out of all and it provides the purest form of water. Well, before coming to this conclusion you should have a complete knowledge of the Reverse osmosis process and hence listed below are the top 10 reasons for not using RO Water Purifiers at home.

  • The RO water purifiers, de-mineralize the water while treating it. The natural water generated from natural resources has several dissolved minerals in it and they are vital for our body. RO process totally eradicates the mineral content from the water thus removing the health benefits from it. Studies have disclosed that regular intake of de-mineralized water can pose a serious threat to the human body in the form of digestive issues and other nutritional deficiencies.
  • Reverse osmosis process used in RO water filters is capable of treating and removing the contaminants that are larger than the size of water molecules. But, the water is usually contaminated with smaller sized contaminants too and these remain untreated. Well, can you really call it the purest form of water?
  • The treated water from an RO water purifier is tested to be found acidic. Usually, the acidic range of the water from RO ranges between 5.0 to 6.0 pH. It happens due to the removal of minerals. Having acidic water results in an imbalance in the body and it will be difficult for the body to maintain a proper pH balance in the blood too. A pH of 7.0 is said to have been achieved only when the minerals are added back to the water.
  • The RO water purifier system is a complex process and the installed machine is not easy to be cleaned and serviced. You need to call for assistance and get the machine serviced by professionals. It is an added expenditure and that too on a regular basis because it needs to be cleaned and serviced often.
  • Talking of expenditure, this system of water filtration is way too costly than all other methods. There is a huge installation cost involved and it runs on electricity. A pressurizing system is used to treat the water and it consumes a lot of electricity. Moreover, the maintenance of RO water purifiers also entails cost. It is overall a very costly process.
  • If you are taking into consideration the monetary cost involved, then the environmental cost is an even bigger matter of concern. The RO process involves huge wastage of water. For every gallon of treated water produced, multiple gallons of water is wasted. With the increasing shortage of water on earth, this is a huge concern and should be taken into consideration.
  • The time taken by RO water filters is too long. It is estimated that one gallon of water is treated and produced for use in around 3-4 hours. You can imagine how long it would take to provide ample water for the entire family. You have to keep the system switched on an entire day in order to get filtered water in sufficient quantity.

With all the disadvantages listed in front of you, do you actually feel that RO water purifiers give you the purest form of water? It definitely filters the water and makes it safe for drinking, but it has its shortcomings that cannot be avoided at any cost.

Take the right call, because health is wealth.


Top 10 reasons for not using RO Water Purifiers

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