Water Pollution! A big threat to the whole world and experts are working really hard to find an effective solution for this problem. Government is also taking initiative to make this world free from water pollution.  Public awareness is important among people so that they are aware of the negative effects of water pollution. Consumption of purified water is a must to stay healthy. Use of water purifier is not enough to get supply of purified water and we need to make sure that mineral cartridge is installed in the purifier.

Effects or Advantages of installation of mineral cartridge:

  • It acts towards making small water clusters which adds energy to water
  • Makes addition of minerals and maintains a perfect balance of pH
  • Adds calcium to water
  • Acts towards removing ions that are harmful and cause water pollution

Not able to discriminate between the good and bad particles is the main problem with RO systems as they tend to remove everything, including the good ones. What you need to do is re-mineralize water once it has passed through the RO membrane. Adding back Magnesium and Calcium in the proper concentrations fixes the problem.

Bio+aaa mineral cartridge

Bio+AAA mineral cartridge acts towards post purification treatment of water. This cartridge will fit to all models of RO filter or water purifiers available in the market. Ergonomically designed Bio+AAA filter will help in absorbing the harmful elements present in water along with maintaining of PH balance of water. A natural sweet taste can be found in the water which comes out after passing though the water filter having mineral cartridge. It comes with mineral balls for enriching water with minerals. Acid-alkaline balance is well maintained in the water due to mineral cartridge.

Swift RO Water Purifier with Bio+aaa mineral cartridge

Healthcare consultants from different parts of the globe have confirmed that this ionized water is highly beneficial for people. Here with the help of alkaline cartridge, the water clusters become small and this protects cells from different types of stimulants in the water.  The pH level also rises with installation of mineral cartridge in water purifiers. This system also manages to remove more than 90 percent contaminants present in the direct tap water such as lead, mercury, chlorine and varieties of toxins. To get better idea about the application of mineral cartridge towards making water more purified and healthy for consumption, get in touch with experts in this field.


Mineral Cartridges makes water tasty and healthy

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