Ooze Under the Counter RO UV UF

Ooze Under the sink ro water purifiers have become heavily popular in India and are gradually replacing the traditional RO systems as they take lesser space and fit in easily under the sink. Most of you people these days are making use of the modern smart counter tops to save some space and with these purifiers that install under the sink, the kitchen looks more spacious.

Here is a highlight on some of the features of Ooze Under the sink ro water purifiers that makes them a wise choice:

  • The first and the most important reason why you shall opt for these purifiers are because they occupy the space which is otherwise spare. Thus, you have more space in your kitchen to explore.



RO Water Purifier ServiceIMG-20150814-WA0006

  • Another very exciting feature is that they work on the five stage purification technology and thus you get pure water. At the same time, there is no limit for the size thus the full sized sediments are used which helps in improving the quality of water. Ooze Under the sink RO+UV+UF water purifiers¬† is one of those classic under the sink ro water purifiers that provides pure water while taking less space.


  • Another eye catching feature of these purifiers is their automated operation that makes your job very easy. You do not have the trouble of switching on and off the purifier.


  • You also have the option to get the faucet just adjacent to the tap and it has good pressure of water since the water is stored in an air compressed tanker. While with a wall mounted RO, the water flow is slow as it is governed by the gravity only.


  • IMG-20150702-WA0012Tap Faucet




  • Health Zone RO offers to add Bio+AAA mineral cartridge to Under the sink RO Water Purifiers for post purification treatment of water. By adding this cartridge you can get antioxidant, alkaline, antibacterial water, reduced ORP, enhanced pH, decreased NMR and added minerals to¬†drinking water.


  • Bio+AAABio+AAA Mineral Cartridge
  • Last but not the least, they are also cost effective and you can easily get an under the counter purifier at just around 10-15K thus making them a smart choice for kitchens.
Ooze Under the Sink RO Water Purifiers

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