500 LPH Commercial RO Plant



How does it work?

500 LPH Commercial RO Plant Delhi works with reverse osmosis, which  is effective in removing filths from water by passing it through a number of semipermeable skins that removes all the ions and metals. The impurities mixed with water like dust, dirt, lead, chlorine and microorganisms like microbes and fungi are eliminated with the help of the advanced multi-walled filter to deliver your operatives or workers with extreme quality water.


These 500 LPH Commercial RO Plant can be fitted hassle free as companies’ technician will visit you for fitting and it can be employed in places like  Big factories & industries, International Universities, and big hotels etc.


500 LPH Commercial RO Plant

Additional information


500 LPH ( Quantity-1)

Raw Water Pump

1 HP ( Quantity-1)

Vessel Blue Hawk

12*48 (Quantity-2)

Membrane Filmtech

40*40 (Quantity – 2)

Membrane Housing

40*80 (Quantity – 1)

MPV Initataive

3/4" (Quantity – 2)

Pressure Gauge

7/21 Kg (Quantity – 2)

Rota Meter

1200LPH (Quantity – 2)

High Pressure Pump

2*15 (Quantity – 1)

Big Blue Housing

20*4" (Quantity – 2)

Spun Filter

20*4" (Quantity – 2)


100 Kg


25 Kg

Low Pressure Switch (LPS)

Quantity – 1

High Pressure Switch (HPS)

Quantity – 1


UPVC (1 set)


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