OOZZE WATER PURIFIERS – new identity with the old trust

Oozze Water Purifiers, a new name in the water purifying industry with the old trust and backup of the much renounced water purifying ISO 9001:2008 company, Health Zone RO System Pvt. Ltd. Revamped the old brand name Ooze to Oozze, the Health Zone RO is ready to take the next step with its uncompromising perspective […]

Convert your RO to RO, UV with TDS controller

Increasing environmental pollution and spread of knowledge about the potential harm that can be caused by the same has necessitated the need for water purifiers at home. As it is a known fact that, water is the essence of life, it is important to drink pure and clean water. Most of the disease causing bacteria […]

Water Purifiers – a step to Good Health

Water is an essential resource for the survival of human beings and when it comes to the survival of a human being then the water must be fit for each and every activity it is used for. But, due to the pollution the water in our surroundings is not so pure, due to which humans […]