250 LPH Commercial RO Plant

Advantages of 250 LPH Industrial RO:

  • Health Zone RO System, the best Commercial RO Water Purifiers in Delhi, ensure safety at every level. It is made sure that no unsafe elements such as lead, Bacteria and Cysts reach the final water.
  • The 250 LPH Industrial RO is designed in such a way that it is baby safe and hence the parents can stay relaxed.

Where the 250 LPH Commercial RO systems can be just rightly placed?

  • The Commercial RO system can be used in the manufacturing process, especially laboratories, steam production, ice making and food industries.
  • The Commercial RO Supplier has created the product with special substances to be a perfect partner for the water irrigation system.





  • OOZE Trade Mark certified products
  • Purification by Mineral RO Technology
  • Fully automatic water level controller with auto-start/auto-off.
  • Suitable for water from all sources
  • Made for Commercial uses and easily connected with water coolers
  • For an institutional size of 500 to 700 persons like Offices, Schools, Factories etc.
  • Free of cost Installation at customer’s premises
  • 1 year warranty covers all Electrical, Mechanical & Consumable parts
  • Exclusive AMC is available on demand

Further Details about working & Price of 250 LPH or more…will be available only on request.

250 LPH Commercial RO Plant

Additional information

Technical Specifications

Electricity Required

Auto Shut Off




Body Material

Electrical Panel

Raw Water Pump


Dual Media Filter


Plumbing & Fittings



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