Protect Yourself from Delhi’s Nasty Air Pollution

Protect Yourself from Delhi’s Nasty Air Pollution

The people of Delhi NCR are in trouble with Pollution and they are not deterred by the consequences of getting them living right now. In such a situation if you take care of your food, then you can handle the situation to some extent. As per Ayurveda, if you include the following fruits & vegetables […]

Health Zone RO – the complete Water Purifier Store

  A very few water purifier services live up to their promise of offering purer water. What happens as a result is increase in the amount of money spent on bottled drinking water. But you can surprise your senses now with the water purifiers from Health Zone RO. Here are some of the highlights of […]

Top 10 ways to safeguard yourself from Delhi’s Air Pollution

As we all are aware of the present situation of Air Pollution in Delhi, here are the 10 ways to safeguard yourself from Delhi’s Air Pollution: Perform breathing exercises in the fresh morning air to exhale the toxic air inhaled by you while breathing in polluted air. Bring into play the technology that is use air […]

Ooze RO Water Purifiers Repair & Service Centers

WHY REGULAR SERVICING IS REQUIRED FOR OOZE RO WATER PURIFIERS? RO Water Purifiers consists of several costly parts which are more likely to get easily damaged. This makes the quality of pure water tasteless if periodic servicing is avoided. Apart from this, it is very important to change the ro filter, ro cartridges and RO […]

Diwali Offers 2016

“Diwali offers 2016: Everything is special” Water is the basic entity that can meet each and every need. Without water, life has no meaning. Considering this, we at “Health Zone RO” is offering so much, this Diwali. Yes, you heard it right! We take care of your health and also your living. So, we have […]

Re use waste RO Water

Things to Do With Waste Ro Water Waste Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water can be used for the purpose of gardening of plants. However, it is recommended that equal amount of normal water is added to the waste Ro water in a bid to maintain the balance of the nutrients. Floors can be easily mopped with […]