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15 Ways to Save Water at Home

Amazing Water saving tips for home You might be looking at the notice of the corporation and other government institutions to save water at your home. But wondering how? Here are some of the tips that you can practice and save water for the future of the world. You generally let the water flow while […]

Mineral Cartridges makes water tasty and healthy

Water Pollution! A big threat to the whole world and experts are working really hard to find an effective solution for this problem. Government is also taking initiative to make this world free from water pollution. ┬áPublic awareness is important among people so that they are aware of the negative effects of water pollution. Consumption […]

Customize your Water Purifier!

  Have you ever given a thought to what it would be like to design the water you consume? The concept might be different but, the awareness and implementation of the same has started to spread like color in liquid form. A water purifier these days not only purifies your drinking water, it does so; […]