Oozze Water Softener



  • Water never passes through the tank untreated maintaining the high quality.
  • No Water Wastage
  • Hassle Free Operation


  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Farm House
  • Food Processing Units


What are Hard Water Softeners?

Water softener are basically ion exchange systems that help in removing harmful minerals like magnesium and calcium from water entering the home. Such minerals are responsible for causing limescale and when they are removed, the water gets soft.

Since hard water is harmful and it leads to clogging of pipes, the water softening technique removes the ions to make it soft. Apart from treating the calcium and magnesium that makes the water hard, water softeners are also used for the purpose of removing iron from the water.

Potential Health Impacts of Hard Water

Kidney Stones

Neural Disorders

Eczema - Skin Problems


Damaged Bathroom Fittings

Oozze Water Softener

Additional information

Fibre Glass Tank with Standard tank base

12"X48" OR 13"X54"

Top Tank Thread

2.5" Р8 


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