Online Water Purifier Store

Health Zone RO is a private limited water purifier company based in Delhi, offering an assortment of online water purifiers and RO systems. With a dedicated staff who abides by the values of this company at any cost, Health Zone RO doesn’t compromise on quality and customer service. Each of their products displays innovation, outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal. Bringing a purifier home will ensure you with lasting durability, least maintenance, minimum costs and unfailing output.

With ISO 9001:2008 and Apex Laboratory certifications, Health Zone RO deals in the sale of OOZE Trade Mark Domestic as well as Commercial water purifiers. Their sole vision is to adhere to the demands of the customer and to guarantee his health at any cost. As a result, the company enjoys commendable success in the market and a fully satisfied, plus growing customer base.  Health Zone RO System Pvt. Ltd is gradually spreading all over India and offers services for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Health Zone RO has an assortment of top-notch products and services, ranging from RO membrane to RO booster pump, from RO or a UV Water Purifier to RO+UV with TDS Controller, from a push fit to an adapter. Its services include (AMC, CMC, Installation, and Repair) for all brands and for all models of water purifiers. It provides infinite choices for the most effective methods to purify water and that too at minimum costs.



Health Zone RO – Online Water Purifier Store

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