25 LPH Commercial RO Plant


Benefits of installing a 25 LPH Commercial RO plant 

  • The  25 LPH  commercial RO system, one of the best commercial RO Water Purifiers in Delhi, has the ability to kill the microorganisms in water and safe guard the health of individuals from water borne diseases.
  • You get to drink 100% vegan water, as all the dead cells are removed in the UV process.

This industrial RO can be a perfect fit for :

  • Small sized office with 20 to 25 adult employees
  • Play Schools which accommodates about 50 kids
  • Small Clinics, where 30 to 40 patients are expected to pop in daily




Specifications: –

  • A sediment filter to trap small particles, including rust and other impurities like calcium carbonate
  • A second sediment filter with reduced pores for small pollutant mixed in water
  • An activated carbon filter to trap chemicals and chlorine, this filters bacteria and fungi from water or any other chemical component like lead and chlorine
  • Two reverse osmosis filter, which is a thin film fused membrane which gives better purification
  • A second carbon filter to take out those chemicals not removed by the reverse osmosis membrane
  • Optionally an ultraviolet lamp for neutering any microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis skin
  • At the last comes Nano materials membrane which gives you ultra-purification

How does it work?

Reverse osmosis process consists of a semipermeable membrane which removes ions as well as molecules of impurities, dirt and dust from the water. With its dual layer membrane you get better protection from bacteria and other biological impurities which are the cause of the most disease like diarrhea, cholera, and others.

Where can be installed?

It’s a 25 LPH Commercial RO Plant so it can be installed in places like office, commercial small scale industries, gym, clubs, restaurant, school, sports club, parks and other places where you think it will suffice.


  • water purifiers give you better-smelling water by cleaning all the impurities present in it and adds taste to the water.
  • Water purifier removes chlorine and lead which when consumed through water can be poisonous and can also cause cancer
  • Water filters reduces the risk of having renal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and other chemical impurities which are hazardous for health
  • Reverse osmosis filters not only remove chemical but are also efficient against other agents like bacteria and fungi which are the cause of most disease.
  • Using good water filter reduces the risk of having another stomach disease by 34%
25 LPH Commercial RO Plant

Additional information

Technical Specifications

Purification Stages

Electricity Required

Auto Shut Off


Dimension (mm)

Net Weight (Kg)




Membrane Type

Body Material

Inlet Water Pressure / Temp (min)

Inlet Water Pressure / Temp (max)



High Pressure Booster Pump

Raw Water Suction Pump

Anti-salient dosing pump

LPS & Pressure Gauge

Storage Tank 12 Ltr


Pre - Cooler Installation


TDS Level

up to 2000 ppm


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