50 LPH Commercial RO Plant


Benefits of installing a 50 LPH Commercial RO plant

  • The biggest pro of an Industrial RO is it can exterminate the softened salts. It can also change the flavor of hard water, industrial contaminants and chemical elements to the taste of fresh water.
  • Drinking refined water is the best option to stay away from chemical in effectivity, the Commercial RO system provides you with even better quality water at a minimal cost.

Where is 50 LPH Commercial RO system the best fit?

  • Health Zone RO System, the Commercial RO Water Purifiers in Delhi supply this 50 LPH Commercial RO plant for use in medium sized office, where the team size is about 60 people.
  • This Commercial RO system can be used in manufacturing units comprising of 60 adults.






  • It supports a double walled sediment filter for trapping all types of small particles similar to dust, rust, fibers and other particles like heavy lead.
  • It has a two additional sediment filter with reduced pore size so that even the smallest particle cannot escape its grasp
  • An activated charcoal carbon filter for long life filtering of chemicals substances such as chlorine, bacteria, fungi, lead and another microorganism
  • A second advanced carbon filter is placed so that heavy metals and chemicals nano particles which escape reverse osmosis membrane are removed.
  • An ultraviolet UV lamp is placed so to neutralize any ions and germs that had been left by the previous osmosis process.
  • In the last, it also has a membrane with very reduced size pore are placed to filter nano particles which are still left for best purification

How does it work?

The  reverse osmosis removes most of the impurities from water by passing water through multiple semipermeable membranes which not only remove impurities but the ions as well. The impurities such as dust, dirt, lead, chlorine and microbes like bacteria and fungi are removed by the advanced doubled walled filter to provide your employees or workers with best and utmost quality water.

Installation of 50 Liters per hour water purifier

It is quite much convenient to install these 50 liters per hour water filter and can be installed in places like small industries, bpo, tannery, clubs, restaurants, and hotels etc.


50 LPH Commercial RO Plant

Additional information

Technical Specifications

Electricity Required

Auto Shut Off


Net Weight (Kg)




Membrane Type

Body Material

Inlet Water Pressure / Temp (min)

Inlet Water Pressure / Temp (max)


High Pressure Booster Pump

LPS & Pressure Gauge

Dimension (mm)

Storage Tank 12 L


Pre - Cooler Installation


TDS level

up to 2000 ppm


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