Duel Model – Under the Sink Reverse Osmosis System –  for Organised, Clean & Smart Kitchens

Health Zone RO System Private Limited, brings to you this versatile under the sink water purifier. As the name indicates, this water purifier is fitted below the kitchen sink & is hidden from the eyes of everyone. The main purpose of installing this domestic water purifier is to make the kitchen looks more clean & smart and saves the table top kitchen space. This Duel Model water purifier can also be attached with Refrigerators, Water Coolers & Water Dispenser.

IMG-20150702-WA0012                    IMG-20150702-WA0013










Wall Mount & Counter Top RO – Compact & Elegant RO’s for kitchens 

Health Zone RO System Private Limited offers a wide range of innovative & trendy Wall Mount & Counter Top water purifiers & RO Systems. These Domestic Water Purifiers can be installed on the wall to save the counter space or can be placed over the Counter as per Customer’s Kitchen space & convenience.


IMG-20150702-WA0014             IMG-20150816-WA0013

IMG-20150703-WA0003             IMG-20150809-WA0002

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IMG-20150801-WA0016                 IMG-20150801-WA0019


IMG-20150814-WA0003     IMG-20150809-WA0008


Kitchen Gallery by Health Zone RO

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