Amazing Water saving tips for home

You might be looking at the notice of the corporation and other government institutions to save water at your home. But wondering how?

Here are some of the tips that you can practice and save water for the future of the world.

  1. You generally let the water flow while washing the utensils by hand. You can easily save water here, by filling two tubs, one for washing and other for rinsing.
  2. The pool and spa waters are generally kept open. In order to get clean water, you will have to change the water on regular basis. Just by maintaining a cover on them, you can save lots of water.
  3. Use Organic mulch for your plants at garden. This will reduce evaporation of mineral water from your area. You will find that you have minimized water usage in a year, by gallons.
  4. For watering the plants, use sprinkler. This will help you reduce the usage of water.
  5. It is also important to educate your family members on the need of water saving.
  6. Bathe the kids together, to save water.
  7. Do check the leakage of the cisterns and pipes regularly.
  8. Wash your clothes in bulk.
  9. Make the habit to close the flow of running water, when you do not need it.
  10. Kids learn things faster when they get rewarded for doing good job. Make sure to reward them whenever you watch them following the tips of water saving.
  11. If you are in a restaurant for lunch or dinner, make sure to ask for drinking water only if you decide to drink.
  12. When you are not using your swimming pool make sure to cover it. This will save the water level from going down due to evaporation.
  13. For washing commercial vehicles’ send it to commercial washers who use recycled water for car washing.
  14. Don’t throw the old water from your pet’s bowl, rather give it to your plants in garden
  15. Stay away from such sports which need constant and huge flow of water for recreation.

15 Ways to Save Water at Home

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