Why do we need Water Purifiers? It is a big question today.

Water purifiers are necessary to get clean water today. Water in today’s world is contaminated and not safe for drinking. That’s is why we need water purifiers to provide us clean and safe drinking water. The water purifiers not only clean the water from dirt but also make it safe by removing bacteria which causes disease like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and cancer.

water purifiers


  • a sediment filter to trap small particles, including rust and other impurities like calcium carbonate
  • A second sediment filter with reduced pores for small pollutant mixed in water
  • an activated carbon filter to trap chemicals and chlorine, this filters bacteria and fungi from water or any other chemical component like lead and chlorine
  • (RO) reverse osmosis membranes, which is a thin film fused membrane which gives better purification
  • a second carbon filter to take out those chemicals not removed by the reverse osmosis membrane
  • (UV) lamp for neutralizing any microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis

 Benefits of water purifier

  • Water purifiers provide us with an option to get clean water free from chlorine and bacteria which causes disease. It also improves the odor and taste of the water. 

Why do we need Water Purifiers?

  • Water purifiers also remove harmful components from the water which causes deadly diseases. Filters used in water purifiers almost filter out 99.91% of impurities which include lead, clay, chlorine, salt, sand, and silt etc. 
  • Uncontaminated water is very much essential for the development of a healthy immune system which is a necessary requirement for newborn and infants.

Why do we need Water Purifiers?

  • Hard water can damage your organs and even is a major cause of kidney stones. Thus water purifiers have filters which clear out the calcium and magnesium which is present in the water and make it soft again for the normal usage.
  • Usually, lead and chlorine is always present in normal tap water which is hazardous not for your health but for your skin. The water purifiers remove chlorine and lead which is present in the water. Thus making it safe for drinking as well as to be used for other cooking purposes.

Why do we need Water Purifiers?

Why do we need Water Purifiers?

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