The phone was ringing on his desk.

Good Morning! Welcome to Health Zone RO – Vijay, the customer care executive started.

Hello, this is Malini here.

Vijay: Hello Ma’am, Let me know how I can be at your assistance.

Malini: I have heard a lot of good things about your brand and the kind of support you guys offer. I am looking for a water purifier. Could you help me to choose one, as I have no much clue about it?

Vijay: Surely Ma’am. Let me tell you there are 3 types of Water purifiers with different technologies used.

Malini: Oh. Is it? What are they and can you throw some more light to it.

Vijay: Sure Ma’am


  • The first one is for RO water Purifier which uses a membrane system, which removes the salts and contaminants, particles, and molecules. This also uses electricity to discharge pressure to push the input water through the membrane and filter up to micron size of 0.0001. This is the best to filter for a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) range of 500-1000 and offers a Potential of Hydrogen (pH) level of 5 to 7 and also the one ideal for a family.


  • Next is Alkaline Water Purifier which uses alkaline water filters and small in size in comparison with RO purifiers. Alkaline water is safer to drink as it removes acids also and offers a pH level of 8 to 9. Comparatively expensive than RO purifiers, but this would be worth considering the benefits of drinking alkaline water such as detoxification, helps in weight loss, improved immunity enhanced hydration levels, etc.


  • The last one is the UV Water Purifier which users Ultra Violet lights to filter and is a best fit for water with lesser TDS contents between 0-200 levels. This technology kills parasites in the water and makes it safe for drinking.


Hope I have given a clear picture for you about the types Ma’am. Let us know which one suits your requirement – Vijay concluded.

Malini: Thanks Vijay for the great support. Undoubtedly I would like to go with Alkaline Water Purifiers. Let me know how I can get that installed.

Vijay: Ma’am you may book the same at or get in touch with our team at +91-9811442551.

Malini: Thank you Vijay for the help. That’s so nice of you.

Vijay: You are welcome. The pleasure is always ours.

His smile while disconnecting the call was evident enough to be sure that he has made a new happy customer.


Know your Water Purifier

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