Embrace the power of Sanitization


To my shock, the Doctor said to my cousin that she needs to take care of hygiene.


How can this even happen to that girl who used to advise all of us in the family about these things?

Seeing me having that bewildered look, the Doctor smiled and said “It is not COVID-19. It is a Viral Fever. She is fine, just needs to be a bit more serious about hygiene”

Believe me; I couldn’t stop myself from taunting her when we were outside the clinic.

Few things she said simply strikes me, but.

She uses to wash her hands regularly for sure, but what about the sanitizing bottle she holds every time and the surfaces she touches.  I am sure after washing her hands; she might have taken the sanitizer bottle to help someone else too. No wonder.

Isn’t it Strange?

Yes, happens this often with all of us as we tend to forget the hazard it can make, each time we touch anything.

Sanitizing without touching anywhere and sanitizing whatever we normally tend to touch is the new normal. Still thinking, why surfaces?

The trendy COVID-19 virus is happy to get transmitted from one to another in the form of droplets. This can stay up to 72 hours on Plastic and steel surfaces and up to 24 hours in copper and cardboard and up to 2-3 hours. It is as simple as that.

Now we do know the importance of sanitizing and not just cleaning. Sure that you too do.

While we were out of the clinic, we had already decided to buy a qualitative Contactless Sanitizing Dispenser at home and office. I am sure this would help us to clean and sanitize our hands as well as the surfaces we touch, without the worry of being infected.


Embrace the power of Sanitization