Water Softener: A lifesaver for many

It was a busy morning for Ms.Malini, being an Advertisement Model and a homemaker. She majorly focuses on cosmetics and hair care niches for her Ad works, maybe because of her soft and even skin tone and the long hairs.

She did her morning routines for family and self and was getting ready to go for the shoot. After combing her hair and the basic makeup, it was not less than a shock for her to see the kind of hair fall happening to her long beautiful hair. Nonetheless to say that she got upset with her changing skin tone too.

She knows that this is happening since she shifted to the newly bought villa. This time she got pretty worried and decided to consult with a dermatologist. She booked an appointment with Dr. Seema - a leading dermatologist and hair care specialist in the region, after her ad shoots.

Her turn came in the afternoon as per the slot.

Malini : Hello Doctor.

Seema : Hello Malini. Take your seat. It's been a long time. Hope things are fine with you.

Malini : Not really Dr. You know that I shifted to my new home, since then facing hair fall and skin related issues. Needs your help.

Seema : Even I noticed this. Did you use any specific haircare or skincare products?

Malini: No Dr. It is the same normal things and the homely care I do.

Seema : I think maybe it is the hard water at your new house. Could be the hard water is creating a problem and you should think about installing a softener.

Malini: Is that so? What is a softener and how it can help me?

Seema : It is an ion exchange system that removed the Magnesium, Calcium, and harmful minerals from the water and makes it soft. Also, a good softener helps to remove iron particles and to safeguard from the clogging of pipes and damages to kitchen fittings.

Malini : I never know that hard water can do this damage to my skin and hair. I would need to get a softener installed at the earliest. Appreciate it if you could suggest some brands.

Seema : You will get a lot of brands in the markets, but going with a trusted one makes your life easier. I got that installed from HealthZoneRo and you may get in touch with them at +91-9811442551 or visit www.healthzonero.com

Water Softener: A lifesaver for many

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