Three Simple Steps to tackle Water Crisis this Summer season

As the summer kicks in, the water situation may become scarier in the coming months.

Forty percent of the global water demand is unlikely to be met as soon as 2030, according to a UN report.

Even in the capital of our country, many people get limited water through water tankers which is actually not enough to sustain throughout the day.

In small villages, people are actually desperate for every drop of water. Struggle for the water is a regular process for many people in rural India.

Industrial and sewage pollutants have killed most of the river and due to the widespread pollution, the sources of clean water are completely dying out.

Have you ever thought about what will happen when water will become more and more scarce?


Now, the question is, how to tackle this situation?

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to tackle the water crisis:


# Increase water literacy: We are using our resources as if they are unlimited in quantity. However, this is actually not true. Resources are limited and it's high time now to generate awareness among masses and make people realize that resources need to be conserved.


# Installing tap aerators: Tap aerator is one of the finest tools to save water. The aerator is a small attachment that controls the amount of the water that flows through the tap. Installing a tap will definitely facilitate in saving water.


# Optimal usage: We use liters of water for small purposes whose use can be minimized. Say for example, in order to wash a car the water requirement is very. And, if the water supply,  you are getting is already short then how will you manage to do every task with limited water. So, what can be done is to use the water optimally and prevent it from wasting.


It's time to wake up now. We, as citizens, have to participate in thinking for the future and prevent our nation from deepening water crisis.

Otherwise, the Zero water day is not far away.

Three Simple Steps to tackle Water Crisis this Summer season

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