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Drinking water has been one of the major issues across many cities in our country. Some have water availability, but then the purity goes for doubt.  Delhi, our capital state is also not down at the rankings of water scarcity. It was the back up of those 40 years of vast experience of serving the society and environment, working with the Delhi Jal Board made Mr. Mahesh Saxena to decide to contribute something really important for a sustainable lifestyle. During his tenure of service, he started noticing the importance of saving water and it was always a worrying topic for him seeing the land getting dried off in front of his eyes.

What next if the condition prolonged? That was the thought which made him to own a mission of saving water and specifically saving and storing the rain water. He made the very crucial initial step from his own house. The 60 Year old Mahesh Saxena then installed a Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) at his 70 Sq. Meter house at Chattarpur enclave phase 1. There were times when on a 200 Mtr. roof top could easily get approximately 50000 liters of rain water, which could have been saved and stored. This old man has saved lakhs of liters of rain water from wastage since years.


Mahesh Chandra Saxena’s Initiatives:

-Playing a major role in spreading the importance of saving water and to have a Rain Water Harvesting System.

-Implementation initiatives at Schools, Parts, Temples etc.

-It was his plea which made the National Green Tribunal o come with a direction seeking implementation of November 16, 2017 order of the NGT directing Government of Delhi, Public Works Department, Directorate of Education, Central Groundwater Authority, Delhi Jal Board and private schools and colleges to install rainwater harvesting systems in their premises within two months at their own cost.

-It was through Mr. Saxena the temple at Mehrauli Badarpur road installed a RWHS which is saving more that 2.50 Crore liters of water now.

-Continuous efforts and support getting delivered to various schools, residential societies in and around Delhi for installation of RWHS.

               Save Water at individual level by doing your part to make it available for our future as well for our future generations.
Mahesh Chandra Saxena – Success story of a common man to save water

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