Beware: Your Water Purifier is Wasting Water. Save Waste RO Water

Do you know still in remote parts of India, people have to walk miles for a single drop of water. And we are living in a Comfortable home easily watch water being wasted and never get concerned about it.

However, you have a chance to preserve the water.

You have a water purifier at home, have you noticed there is an outlet pipe consistently throwing water out. Have you ever thought what that actually is?

Well, your water purifier conducts an internal process to give you pure water. While purifying it throws out the wastewater.

Surprisingly, the wastewater is 3 times than that of pure water.

Say, for example, if you take out one liter of water from your purifier, then it will throw out three liters of contaminated water. That's actually shocking.

Now, this contaminated water has a high level of TDS in it. You cannot even use it for the purpose of bathing even.

Although, there are certain areas wherein you can use this water.

You may use it in the toilets for the cleanliness purpose or to wash your cars or probably you can use that to water plants.

There are ample number no of things you can do with it. But the question is, are you willing to take responsibility on your shoulder instead of simply blaming the whole world.

Let's start with self-first. We can make a difference in a world where Every Drop of water counts by simply doing our part.

If you need any assistance, Health Zone RO is always there to help you resolve any queries regarding water.


Beware: Your Water Purifier is Wasting water. Save Waste RO Water