Water Purifier comes with a lot of different brands in the market today. Most of them work the same way choosing one of the filtration technique. So how is one purifier different from others?

What should be your criteria to decide when choosing one of the numerous available?

My suggestion would be to check the Services provided by the selling company. Why do you think Airtel is still the top communication service provider in India despite a lot of other cheaper brands available in the market?  Only because of the services provided by Airtel, that consumers get addicted to and do not feel satisfied by any other service provider. Similarly, Water purifier manufacturing companies offer services to the buyers, which helps in maintaining the life of a purifier. Simply buying a purifier and getting it installed doesn't work forever.

There are servicing needs which mainly includes:
  1. The first step is installing the purifier, which generally is something companies offer to send a technician to your home.

  2. Then comes the warranty. Mostly the first year is a free warranty period. So make the best use of it.

  3. Once the first year of the warranty is over, then the services offered become paid. So some people opt for the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), others call when needed.

  4. Opting for AMC is always advisable since it is easy on your pocket and saves you from destroying your purifier.

  5. When going for AMC, do make sure it includes regular inspection of the filter and changing of the filter after every 12 months.

  6. A good company will offer you to get the filtered water tested so that you can confirm if the purifier is at its best performance. Sanitizing the dispenser and inspecting the held water are some great efforts made by purifier companies.

  7. Lastly, don't forget the repairs. After all, the purifier is also a piece of machinery. It can need repair anytime. Companies will charge you for the new parts in case you don't have the AMC.

Keep in mind the above mentioned factors and then decide upon which water purifier to buy.

If you still need help, you may contact Health Zone RO at +91 9811442551 | 011-47087441 to know more.

A to Z of Water Purifier Services

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