Bottled Water Vs Water Purifier

Bottled Water or Water Purifier – Which one is better? The word indispensable goes the most with water. We need water in all forms and drinking water is something on which living beings survive. People have started opting for bottled water in order to get the purest form of drinking water. But, is it really […]

Customize your Water Purifier!

  Have you ever given a thought to what it would be like to design the water you consume? The concept might be different but, the awareness and implementation of the same has started to spread like color in liquid form. A water purifier these days not only purifies your drinking water, it does so; […]

Kitchen Gallery by Health Zone RO

Duel Model – Under the Sink Reverse Osmosis System –  for Organised, Clean & Smart Kitchens Health Zone RO System Private Limited, brings to you this versatile under the sink water purifier. As the name indicates, this water purifier is fitted below the kitchen sink & is hidden from the eyes of everyone. The main […]

Types of Water Purifiers

  When it comes to choosing a water purifier, a lot of people don’t have clarity about the types available in the market. There are innumerable varieties available, some are with storage, some without, some use electricity, and others use activated carbon. To find out the perfect purifier for your needs, read on!   Online […]