Healthy You: 5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


Green as in soothing nature and tea whose essence can do wonders with our mood isn't? So what makes Green Tea the most popular one in its league?

Green tea, native to China and comes into existence from plant species named as "Camellia sinensis" and from where these plant species undergo least oxidation that is more touch of nature as compared to other teas. That’s what reveal the truth behind those mystery boxes that how green tea becomes green and black tea becomes black.

The pan firing technique and the place where it is grown decides its flavor. Well you must be wondering that what’s pan firing? Pan firing is the same like if we put flower basket equipped with tea leaves on fire and then start rotating it to maintain that natural taste and that’s what oxidation is.

As this pan-fried tea; it is less oxidized it has various health benefits.

Some of the biggest health benefits are :

✓ It prevents from acute diseases like cancer and various others.

✓ It can make you smarter by reactivating your neurons with the help of caffeine.

✓ The most popular benefit is it becomes your supporting hand in weight loss.

✓ It prevents all inflammatory skin diseases.

✓ The most common problem could be handled easily with these pan-fried leaves that is cholesterol which is among the leading health issues

✓ It increases the blood flow in your body.


There are ample of benefits which could be prevailed by a single drink if consumed on regular basis. Due to the ease in its availability it is available in various forms like :

✓ bottled

✓single tea bags

✓as loose leaf

✓ an instant powder


To put it briefly, consuming two cups of green tea every day can help you generate well being and will also protect you from all the various bacterial infections.

Healthy You: 5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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