Top 5 things need to consider before choosing a Water Purifier


Water Purifier is an absolute necessity these days. Gone are those days when we all used to rely on government methods of purifying water. With increased levels of all pollutions we are exposed to different pollutants that affect our health in negative way. Initially we used to boil water to remove all impurities and then use it for drinking purposes. Boiling water is a tedious job as well as it wastes other energy resources including LPG. Moreover, researchers have also found that boiling water does not remove all the impurities. As there is high increase in lead, potassium and other disease causing germs in water, boiling is not enough. So, hi-tech advanced water purifiers offer a good deal for removing impurities from drinking water.

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Water Purifiers turn out to be total savior for every household. With a good and hygienic water purifier installed we get pure and clean drinking water. It saves us from many water borne diseases including typhoid, fever and various stomach infections. Clean drinking water adds on to our healthy lifestyle. Unfiltered water is not suitable for our daily needs. So, it is really important to choose a correct water purifier to avail clean, hygienic and safe water.

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With the increase in awareness and need for clean water the markets are filled with number of water purifiers and the right kind of Commercial & Domestic suppliers too. The customer might get confused between lots of options available in market. Additionally, with advancements in the Digital world you may also buy a Water purifier system online. First you have to checkout own requirements and then move ahead with a reasonable, economical and safe option.


Everyone needs to consider few basic things before choosing a water purifier.  

  1. Kind of water – The first and foremost you should check what kind of water is available in your locality. You need to check whether it has high salt content or bacterial contamination or it is soft water that requires minor filtration. This will help you to determine the actual type of water purifier needed.


  1. Electricity Supply- The second most important factor you need to check is electricity condition in your locality. If you have good electricity inflow or arrangement, then you can choose from wide variety of water purifiers. Most of water purifiers require fair amount of electricity for their functioning. If there is no proper electricity, then you need to choose from the range of water purifiers that does not use electricity.


  1. Brand Availability- The next important step is to check the brand of water purifier. A good brand ensures that purifier will maintain good and clear water.


  1. Budget- There are good number of water purifiers available in the market. You also have to consider your budget. Some purifiers are exceptionally priced while others are quite reasonably priced. It is good to study first and then pick out a suitable one for your place.


  1. Size of your family- Your family size will determine the requirement of your water purifier. If you are living in a big family, then you will require large quantity water purifier. If you are just four or five members then a small purifier will suffice.


  1. Water Pressure and Capacity:All kinds of water filters require continuous water supply to the system. If there is no facility or proper water supply, then you need to pick a purifier that can work with low water pressure and also have proper storage. There is another option for better water levels and pressure, you can attach pump with water purifier. This pump will increase the pressure and ensure proper water supply.

Considering all these factors, when you step out in the market you are flushed with an absolute range of water purifiers and service systems. Again it is not an easy job to find out an ideal water purifier for your place. To help you further, checkout the below list for different types of purifier for your place-


  1. RO Filters:This is an advanced purifier that forces out all impurities with the help of a semi-permeable membrane. It helps to remove lead, nitrates, arsenic, copper, sodium, municipal additive fluoride and other organic chemicals. These water purifiers are ideal for areas where levels of contamination are very high.


  1. Activated Carbon:These are specific water purifiers that have positively charged special carbon with silver molecules. They are framed to remove radon, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals from water making it edible in all the ways. They are quiet economical and can be easily attached in big or small kitchen.


  1. Ultraviolet Filters:These particular filters use UV radiation technique to remove water-borne harmful organisms. It usually works with electricity. They posses carbon filters that removes almost all the water contaminations. They are ready-to-use machines and do not offer any storage.


  1. Candle filters: It is one of the oldest filter system. The Candle filters have minute pores through which water passes and finally clean water is released. These filters are not very effective with minute germs or chemicals. These filters best suit places where there is soft water supply and requires very minor filtration. It is the cheapest source of water filtration.


All these type of filters are readily accessible in the market in different sizes. Well this is not all, these days’ water purifiers are not only a necessity but accessorize your kitchen furnishing. Now, you don’t have to pick up from all the boring and colorless water purifiers. Manufactures understand the need and demand of sophisticated and colorful water purifier that gets along with the furnishing. There are reputed water purifier makers who have come up with stylish and colorful purifiers to match your kitchen interiors. There exist a range of highly furnished and high quality water purifiers in the market.

With several options to choose from, it is up to you to consider all your requirements and find out an ideal, safe and hygienic water purifier for your family. Happy Shopping!

Top 5 things need to consider before choosing a Water Purifier

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