AMC of water purifier: All you need to know!! AMC stands for the Annual Maintenance Contract which is basically a consensus between the buyer and seller(selling company) of the Water Purifier. It states the terms and conditions of the service and maintenance needs for the water purifier.


Like any other machinery, your water purifier also requires service and needs to be looked by expert hands.

Some people would say its a way the company is earning money by making you pay for Annual maintenance but the reality is something different.
Drinking pure water is such a necessity today, everybody understands it. But merely getting a water purifier installed and enjoying the first year of free warranty won't suffice.

It is very essential for the longevity of the water purifier to get expert services at least thrice a year.

Most of the people would say that we will get our water purifier serviced when we see the need. In the initial few years, you might not face such issues and you will think like you saved the AMC cost. But as time passes by, you will end up paying more to fulfil the purifier needs.
These days people are also considering the DIY(Do-It-Yourself) kits available over Amazon and keeping their purifier service themselves. But there are some things which you should leave for the experts only. Like every time taking a crocin won't help in dropping down the fever. The doctor always looks for a root cause. Similarly, the typical machinery like the RO membrane, TDS controllers, sediment filter, activated carbon filter inside your purifier needs technical help.

Although the cost of the Maintenance Contract is a debatable topic since it can be a bit expensive but it is like an investment. Plus buying Annual Maintenance, It also provides you with some free visits for preventive maintenance and spares you from spending too much when spare parts replacement is needed.

Go for any water purifier you feel good for you but don't forget to buy the AMC service, it definitely is worth investing.

AMC of water purifier: All you need to know!!

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