Safeguard your Water Purifier with Comprehensive Maintenance Plan


It once happened; a man bought a new car. Since he invested huge money into it, he loved driving it. He drove it for thousands of kilometers. One day, the car broke down. He took the car to a mechanic. The mechanic inspected and asked the owner when was the last time you get the car serviced. Surprisingly, the reply was, it's an expensive car, it does not require any service.

Similarly, we people do in case of Water purifiers. We believe that once we purchase a purifier, then our job is over. However, everything requires consistent maintenance.

At Health Zone RO, we offer a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for Water Purifiers wherein all parts of the water purifier are covered for maintenance for 1 or more years of duration. We provide regular servicing of your water purifier after every three months. The regular servicing of the purifier definitely helps you in providing uncontaminated water.

Moreover, you do not have to take the load for getting the service done after every three months. In Comprehensive Maintenance Contract, we ensure that you get timely service for your purifier.


Later on, what happens is electronic parts of the water purifier gets ruined. Under the Comprehensive Maintenance Contract, we cover this as well. We will get the electronic part replaced.


Then there is no hidden costs or additional charges involved. All you have to do is subscribe to this contract and stop worrying about factors like cost, maintenance or timely service. We ensure everything for you in this contract.


The Comprehensive Maintenance Contract is for one year. However, the contract can be extended up to three years. The best of extending the contract is that your water purifier plastic parts also get covered which were not available in one-year plan.


Avail your Comprehensive maintenance plan now and ensure the health of your loved ones.

Safeguard your Water Purifier with Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

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