How AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Water Purifiers can lead you to a Healthy Life?

Let's suppose you have the most expensive car and you expect it to run effortlessly without getting the service done.

Well, for some time you might stretch your car, but if keep doing like this over a period of time, you know what would be the outcome.

Same is the situation with your water Purifier.

You might have installed Your water Purifier a few years or a few months ago, And without getting the annual maintenance done you expect it to give you pure water.

Strange. Isn't it?

Say, For example, Water is stored in a Plastic tank. Over a period of time, the toxins automatically get collected. Similarly, there are Plastic Pipes, Filters, and Membranes, which needs to be checked and replaced whenever necessary.

However, no need to worry

There's a solution for toxins that gets accumulated in Your water purifier & The Solution is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

AMC is basically a process to check your water purifiers on regular intervals throughout the year so that you do not have to drink impure water.

The amount required for AMC is not very high. On average, the amount may range for Rs.1000- 6000/-. There's no hidden cost apart from this.

Do not consider this as an Expense. You are investing in your health with this minimal amount.

And the best part of AMC is, you will get the parts replaced with the original ones. At times, people go for substitutes just to a few pennies. But, remember saving a few pennies here might turn out disastrous for your health.

We at Health Zone RO believe in the philosophy that Clean water is everyone's right.

We  help our clients to get access to pure drinking water by consistently servicing the water purifier over a period of time.

Whether it is a domestic RO or it may be a commercial RO, getting the service done in a shorter span is our uniqueness.

Stop Thinking, Renew Your AMC Now!






How AMC for Water Purifiers can lead you to a Healthy Life?

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