Commercial Water Purifiers

Minimizing Health Risks by Providing Safe Drinking Water


It is a well known fact that impure water is one of biggest causes of spreading various ailments, some of them extremely fatal. Every year, countless people suffer from serious health issues by drinking impure and contaminated water at public places or commercial establishments. However, over the past few years, the growing awareness about health hazards caused by drinking polluted water has led both the government and private agencies to take concrete measures for providing purified water to the masses.


Where These Commercial Water Purifiers Are Required?

Commercial water filters /  purifiers offer a perfect solution to the problem of purifying water on large scale. As such they can be used in places where large scale water consumption by the masses is a norm. These might include both public areas such as bus stands, railway stations, restaurants and shopping centers and malls. In addition these water filters can also grant easy access to pure drinking water for people working in large scale commercial establishments such as office building, hospitals, schools, manufacturing units and even large private residences. You can always contact your nearest RO Supplier for a free demo.

50 LPH Commercial RO Plant

When To Install Commercial Water Filters?

Commercial Water Purifiers are the perfect choice for purifying more than 12 gallons of water per minute or when the water supply line has a diameter of 1.5” or more. Commercial water purifiers are also preferred for removing contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, tannins, etc. There are different types of commercial water filters available in the market depending on the usage needs of the establishments where they need to be installed. Models of commercial water filters include 100 LPH RO; 25 LPH RO; 250 LPH Commercial RO Plant; 50 LPH RO Plant. To know in detail, click here.

Advantages of Commercial Water Filters

The biggest advantage of using commercial water filters is that they make pure drinkable water easily available to the masses. In addition, they help in reducing the risk of water borne diseases while retaining the essential nutrients and minerals present in the water. They also help in enhancing the health and well being of the general public.  Hence a Water Purifier system is a necessity these days.


Commercial Water Purifiers

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